Aleman “The Atlantic” growing up alongside his grandfather, from an early age, he learned to love and appreciate art in all of its forms and expressions.

He studied a variety of different techniques including charcoal, watercolor and pastel works. He received training and education at schools such as Bellas Artes, the Rozo Art Academy and later at Kunstakademie Munster in Germany. Throughout all of his training, he learned to expand on his natural abilities and capacities in art.

At one point in time, Aleman decided to take a break from the world of art for a while. During that time, he traveled all around the world visiting museums everywhere from France and Germany to New York in the United States. He learned to appreciate and admire the works of a variety of different artists. He went on to spend several years in Germany learning and perfecting the technique of acrylic and ultimately learned to make it his own. He also spent time in Mexico which was a huge source of inspiration for him where he made over 100 works of art.

Many artists have inspired Aleman throughout his career and some examples include Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Anand Baba, Marion Peck and Mark Ryden. They have all served as great heirs of artistic sensibility for him. Since painting and sculpture are both a huge part of his daily life, his artwork all reflects basic elements such as nature and deeper and more complex ideas such as the New World Order.

Aleman hopes that through his use of bright colors and personality in his art, they will have a powerful and iconic impact that will always be remembered. He also hopes that his works will convey feelings, experiences and concerns that can be grasped upon experiencing while also keeping the viewers eyes open to the changes of our uncertain world.

Aleman does not seek fame nor recognition as a person, he simply hopes for the art to represent and speak for itself. He believes that through the heart, you can look deeper into art.

The vast work of Aleman allows us to see through his eyes the simplicities of the everyday while mixing in the allegories of life and the situations that have marked its existence.

The 5th anniversary edition of Forbes Mexico magazine and Ocean Blue Magazine both presented the history and art of Aleman. He has also worked closely with organizations such as the Breast Cancer Society Los Cabos, Illuminate Blue Foundation, Formula 1, M5 Collective. Throughout his career, he has collaborated with various other artists.

He is currently working on the large format collection titled “Aleman’s women” which will reflect the influence of the female figures throughout his life.